Getting to Know Russian Money

Getting to Know Russian Money

In Russia officially all payments have to be made in the country’s national currency, so knowing Russian money is an indispensable skill if you are planning a visit any time soon.


The unit of money in Russia is the Russian rouble, or рубль—pronounced just like the English word. The rouble is divided into 100 kopecks. The Russian word for kopeck is копейка (ka-PEY-ka).


Prices below 1 rouble are a rare sight in Russia and many shops also prefer to round up totals to whole roubles, so one will hardly ever have to worry about kopecks when dealing with Russian money.


Out of the slang words Russians use to refer to Russian money (and in fact any money), the most widely used are бабки (BAHB-kee) and its derivative бабло (bahb-LOH).


When dealing with Russian money you will most likely also need to be on top of Russian numerals—and our free online course of Russian provides you with all necessary grammar explained in an easy-to-understand and visually appealing form as well as exercises to put your newly-acquired knowledge to practice.

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