Happy New Year in Russian

When the Winter Holidays season comes, there is one particular phrase that you see on different banners, postcards, billboards and advertisements. You also hear it in stores, at work, in the streets, on the radio and TV. This phrase is Happy New Year in Russian — “S novym godom!”. People often add to it: “S novym schastyem!”, which is translated as “Happy New Happiness!”. And it makes sense - everything should be made new in the New Year, inculding happiness.


Another way to say Happy New Year in Russian is “S nastupayushchim!”, which literally means “Happy upcoming holiday!”. Since the spirit of celebration settles in rather early, you can hear congratulations on the upcoming holidays starting with the end of November. A polite way to reply to wishes of a Happy New Year in Russian is to repeat the same or say “I vas takzhe!” (formal) or “I tebya takzhe” (informal), meaning “And to you too!”.


Finally, you can say Happy New Year in Russian with the help of a very general expression: “S prazdnikom!”, which means “Happy Holiday!”. If you can’t remember how to say Happy New Year in Russian or how congratulate people on this or that holiday, just say “S prazdnikom!” and it will suffice.