Learning Russian in Russia

A language is best learned where it is spoken. So learning Russian in Russia is the fastest way to master the language for any reason—from basic conversation to business communication to serious linguistic research.


Major Russian cities offer Russian language courses for students of all levels. Russian in Russia is in most cases taught by professional Russian native speakers which is a significant plus and a chance to hear the real language in action while learning.


Learning Russian in Russia is also a chance to constantly explore the language by coming in touch with real speakers in real-life situations outside the classroom, spot all those words and patterns ‘in the wild’, and put one’s newly acquired knowledge and skills to test.


Last but not least, learning Russian in Russia is a great way to get to know Russian culture and Russian people, which in its turn can help understand the underlying logic of the Russian language—as many linguists agree that languages often reflect their speakers’ lifestyles, views, and values.