News in Russian—Tool for Learners

News in Russian—Tool for Learners

The Russian Internet is a booming community offering all kinds of information and a wide range of online services. Given the Internet’s omnipresence, learners of Russian as a foreign language can benefit from so much Russian being readily available.


Reading news in Russian online is our top recommendation. Even beginners should find it a good way to expand their vocabulary, while intermediate and advanced students can read news in Russian to stay on top of the modern Russian language and all the latest tendencies.


News in Russian is primarily available through Russian news agencies with updates on what is happening in Russia and across the globe posted every minute. In addition, they also publish features and analytical reports suitable for students with a good command of Russian.


Besides being a good learning tool, news in Russian can also give a different view on some of the issues on the global agenda and help get a fuller picture of what is going on in the world.


To get better results when searching for news in Russian on the Internet, use the Russian word for news—новости (NOH-va-stee).