Russian Attractions

Russia is a vast country with a rich history and a versatile culture, virtually packed with all kinds of tourist attractions.


The list of Russian attractions naturally starts with the capital, Moscow - a magnet for visitors from across the world. The most frequented landmark in Moscow is the Kremlin, considered the heart of the city and the country on the whole. One day is hardly enough to explore all of the Kremlin’s architectural and historical riches.


Moscow is of course home to a great number of other Russian attractions including museums, art galleries, theatres and in fact anything you can find in a big capital city.


Russian attractions are of course not limited to just Moscow and the area around it. Travel to any Russian city and you will find something of interest there, too, be it an important historical or spectacular natural landmark.


Visiting Russian attractions is a good way to explore the country’s culture and history and better understand the views and values of Russian people.