Russian Baby Names

Giving a name to a baby is a very important because the name will in many ways define their life and identity. We respond to our first name throughout our lives. Other people often remember us by our first names.

When parents consider Russian baby names for their baby, they should know the meaning and origin of the name. They should remember that many people form their opinions of others based on just hearing a person’s name!

If you’ve selected a Russian name for your baby, here’s what you need to know. Russian baby names have several forms: full, short, and a few nicknames as well. To illustrate: the full name Vladimir has the short name is Vova and Volodya, and diminutive forms are Vovochka, Volodenka and Vovik.

When talking to their children parents mostly use Russian baby names in their short or diminutive forms: Maria is Masha or Mashenka, Elena is Lena or Lenochka, Dmitry is Dima or Dimochka, Alexander is Sasha or Sashenka, etc.

To know how to form short and diminutive forms of Russian baby names you need to know certain grammar and word-formation rules. RT’s Learn Russian course will help you get the necessary knowledge so that you will be able to understand and use a great variety of Russian names and Russian baby names!

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