Russian for Kids

Many foreigners think that mastering Russian is a challenge. Well, to tell you the truth, it’s possible to learn any foreign language if you really want to do it, have clear goals in mind, and are equipped with the right methods. Russian for kids is a good example.

The process of learning a language by small children is often subconscious: in Russian for kids the best way to learn Russian is to master the language through play and entertainment. Trying to teach a child with the best textbook ever and starting by explaining them the rules of Russian grammar is useless. If Russian for kids is boring, monotonous and tiresome, children will never remember anything you teach them. It’s essential that we create the appropriate conditions for teaching kids Russian: a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, creativity, and fun. Russian for kids should be “education through play”, and making the former invisible for a child will be a teacher’s success. Language learning is more fun with games and creative activities. But a game is not an end in itself: it plays a secondary role in teaching Russian. Russian for kids will be effective if the children watch Russian cartoons, read Russian fairytales (or listen to them first), sing merry Russian songs, and perform dialogues playing heroes from their favorite books and cartoons. The more diversified Russian for kids is, the better. Don’t forget about the principle “from simple to difficult”: the material should be accessible to children and constantly revised. And remember to praise kids’ progress and encourage their interest.

The key points of Russian for kids are: play, extensive use of visual aids, physical and creative activity, revision and accessibility of material, and a friendly atmosphere.