Russian Girl Names

There are many Russian girl names that are well-known outside Russia. Some people name their daughters without even realizing that this or that name is also Russian.

It’s fair to say that Anna, Natalia, Anastasia, Daria, Olga, Elena, Irina and Ekaterina are the most popular Russian girl names. Other just as popular names are Svetlana, Yulia, Nadezhda, Lyubov, Tatyana, Maria, Lyudmila, Vera and Valentina.

Some girl names are formed from male names by adding the female ending “-a”. That’s how we got such Russian girl names as Stanislava, Alexandra, Vladislava, Miroslava, and others.

Recently, though, old Slavic names for girls are gaining more popularity in Russia. One of the recent fads in the country is to choose Vasilisa, Aksinia, Arina, Glafira, Ulyana and Praskovya as Russian girl names.

As you study Russian with RT Learn Russian, you will not only learn about the most common names but also learn the short and diminutive forms of Russian girl names. 

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