Russian Girlfriend

A Russian girlfriend can be a blessing and a challenge. A lot depends on how well you know Russian culture and whether you live mainly on stereotypes or are ready to embrace things new and unexpected.

Some people believe that a Russian girlfriend is loving, caring, and ready to put aside her career ambitions for the sake of family and children. She is considered to be a good cook, housewife, and mother. While it can be true in general, there are girls who don’t fit this stereotype.

Others say that a Russian girlfriend is too demanding. She probably would expect you to bring her flowers - not just for your first date, but every time you go out. Even one flower - better, a rose - will do. No flowers can be interpreted as you don’t really care for her much.

A Russian girlfriend appreciates when her man is a gentleman: opens doors for her, helps her get in and out of the car, helps her put on her coat, carries her bags, etc. Not because she can’t do it herself - but because she just loves to feel cared for.

If you have a Russian girlfriend, RT Learn Russian will help you learn more about Russian culture and people. You will be able to communicate with your girlfriend on a deeper level and avoid many conflicts and misunderstandings that international couples face!