Russian Holiday Calendar

Russian holiday calendar is packed with holidays! In fact, it’s possible to celebrate something every day, because almost every day is a holiday—or, as Russians would say it, prazdnik!


In the Russian holiday calendar there are official state holidays—the actual days off, vykhodnye, and there are holidays that fall on work days, but are still celebrated with official events and festivities.


Another set of holidays in the Russian holiday calendar is the professional holidays. Every profession has a day when it’s honored and appreciated! Russians have a good tradition to call family members, friends and colleagues to congratulate them on the day when their occupation is celebrated.


As of today, Russian holiday calendar contains more than two hundred holidays—and that’s not counting special days, which are celebrated by numerous national minorities on the territory of Russia! It’s a good thing that most of the holidays are not official days off—otherwise, who would work? But what is also nice is that with Russian holiday calendar at hand, one always has a reason to celebrate!