Russian Internet—Surf and Study

Russian Internet—Surf and Study

Russian Internet may be slightly younger than the whole World Wide Web as it did not launch in Russia immediately. But Russia is now the largest source of unique visitors online in Europe, having overtaken Germany. But it is not only about numbers—the Russian Internet encompasses an impressive number of websites and online services with great potential for dynamic growth.


Russian Internet is also known as the Runet—a word derived from the country code .ru, pronounced in Russian as “roo”. Informally, the Internet can be referred to as инет (ee-NET) or even shorter нет (net)—take care not to mix it up with the Russian word for no, which is spelled the same way but has a softer “n”. Some also call the Internet сеть (set)—translated as network.


The Russian Internet is an indispensable tool for learners of Russian and a treasure trove of the real modern Russian language as used by its native speakers. Due to its massive scope, the Russian Internet can provide learners with information on any topic in a variety of forms and flavors.

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