Russian Songs

Singing is one of the core elements of any culture and Russia is no exception. It is hardly possible to count how many Russian songs there are and how many genres they span—from centuries-old folk songs to rap.


Though they naturally cannot be one’s only way of learning the language, Russian songs can be a handy additional tool for students.


First off, songs are meant to be learned by heart and are composed in a way that makes them easy to learn by heart—it is common knowledge that learning pieces by heart is a good exercise for beginners.


Most Russian songs also have rhyming lines, so they easily stick in one’s memory, which makes them a good way to memorize simple words and patterns.


For advanced learners, Russian songs can also be a source of additional vocabulary, which may be used less often in everyday speech but still serves to make one’s language richer.


And, of course, Russian songs are a treasure trove of Russian culture, both traditional and modern, providing a look at how Russian people live and think.