Russian Souvenirs

When tourists visit a foreign country they usually go sightseeing, meet new people and buy souvenirs! Russia, a country with rich and original culture and history, has a lot to offer any traveler.  If you’ve been to Russia, you likely have some Russian souvenirs at home. If you’ve never been to this country but are about to visit it, don’t forget to buy souvenirs from Russia for your family and friends! Do you know which souvenirs are most popular with foreign tourists? Have a look at some Russian souvenirs — you may want to get some!

If you are into folk music, the балалайка (ba-la-LAY-ka) is for you! It’s a stringed instrument that has become a musical symbol of our people. Матрёшка (ma-TRYOSH-ka), Russian nesting doll, is one of the most popular Russian souvenirs, too. It’s a beautiful painted wooden doll containing many more dolls inside. Another famous Russian souvenir is the самовар (sa-ma-VAR) from the Russian town Tula. In the past the samovar used to be a key attribute of Russian tea-drinking, symbolizing wellbeing and home comfort.

Other traditional Russian souvenirs are lacquer boxes, goods with Khokhloma designs, and Gzhel ceramics. Валенки (VA-lyen-ki), felt boots worn in winter in rural areas, and шапка-ушанка (SHAP-ka-u-SHAN-ka), ear-flapped fur hat, will remind you of severe Russian winters. Some of these Russian souvenirs may seem rather expensive to you (sometimes even at markets, to say nothing about special shops). So if your budget is modest, small magnets in the form of these souvenirs will do!

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