Russian TV Channels

Russians enjoy watching TV. Many families have more than one TV set in their flat: one in the living room, then there might be one in the kitchen and yet another one in the bedroom and/or kids’ room!

Russian TV channels are abundant. Everyone can find a channel with something that they like to watch. The channel with the biggest budget and TV audience is Channel One, the first television channel to broadcast in the Soviet Union. Now it’s countrywide. Some other major Russian TV channels are the state channels Rossiya 1, Rossiya 2 and Rossiya 24 as well as Gazprom-supported NTV. There are also special channels that focus primarily on news, fitness, sports, culture, and entertainment.

There are a number of Russian TV channels that primarily deal with entertainment: STS, TNT, Domashny, Muz-TV, 2x2 and MTV-Russia. ‘Zhivi’ is a cable TV channel that promotes fitness and healthy lifestyles. Those more interested in culture and classics will enjoy Kultura TV channel. Russian TV channels grow in number as more and more independent, cable and regional channels appear in the broadcasting network.

Studying Russian with RT’s interactive Learn Russian course will help you understand and enjoy what you see on Russian TV. Besides, such Russian TV channels as Channel One, RTR-Planet, NTV-World, RT and STS-International are available internationally as well!