Russian Wives

We all look for that special someone in our lives, the one with whom we would want to spend the rest of our days. Some find their partners quickly, for others it may take time and they might decide to try their luck in an international relationship.  

Russian wives have earned a reputation of women who know how to care for their husbands, children and households. Plus they are considered to be very pretty and well-educated. Often, men decide to choose a Russian wife purely for these reasons, forgetting that Russian wives are just like other women who want to be loved and respected for who they are, not only for what they do.

Foreign husbands can avoid many a cultural misunderstanding and enjoy all the benefits of being married to Russian wives if only they make an effort to learn more about their wife’s culture, traditions, and history of the country.

RT Learn Russia is of great help to anyone: to those, who are already married to a Russian woman and to those who are just thinking about it. Russian wives speak Russian. We’ve developed a course on Russian grammar with extensive vocabulary to help you communicate with your Russian spouse better. Russian wives grew up with Russian culture, literature, and art. This course will introduce to you to the best of what Russian culture has to offer!

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