Simple Phrases in Russian

When learning a new language, it only makes sense to first start with easy things. There is a popular and discouraging stereotype that it is next to impossible to master Russian. RT Russian proves this wrong! Starting with simple phrases in Russian will help you feel more confident in different language situations, even when you are a beginner! You can introduce yourself, talk about likes and dislikes, learn about your whereabouts, express agreement, disagreement and more—all by using simple phrases in Russian. Speaking Russian can be a lot of fun and far easier than you may think! Some of the simple phrases in Russian are essential regardless of how well you know the language—like, for example, saying that you don’t understand something, asking for directions, or telling your special person that you love them. Learn the most useful simple phrases in Russian with our online course and surprise your friends, colleagues, and even yourself with your Russian. It’s simple! It’s useful! It’s fun!

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Learn some simple phrases in Russian in the Lesson 1.

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