Time in a Russian Bookstore is Time Well Spent

Time in a Russian Bookstore is Time Well Spent

It is a widely accepted fact that Russians are among the world’s most-reading nations. So finding a good Russian bookstore is by no means a hard task.


A typical Russian bookstore is large to grand with crowds of customers even at times when, as logic suggests, most of them should be working hard in their offices.


Reading is a part of culture in Russia—it may even seem that some Russians have an innate need to pick up a book whenever there is a spare minute. So a Russian bookstore is almost always packed with those who cannot live without a supply of unread literature.


A typical Russian bookstore also sells stationery and souvenirs. Some sell audio books, music CDs, and computer software.


Many bookstores in Russia are on the Internet, so if you have less time or do not need to touch before you buy, feel free to shop for books online.


The Russian for bookstore is книжный магазин (KNEEZH-ny ma-ga-ZEEN), which can be contracted to just книжный (KNEEZH-ny)—the need to have a shorter name proves that the place is frequently visited and talked about!

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