Useful Phrases in Russian

Useful Phrases in Russian

When you know useful phrases in Russian chances are you will find the language a lot easier than if you didn’t know them. These phrases in Russian will help you in a Russian-speaking environment. Among useful phrases in Russian is: I’m lost, could you show me where I am on the map, please:

“Ya poteryalsya, pokazhite na karte, gde ya”

(ya pot-er-yal-sya, pa-ka-zhee-tye na kar-tye, gdye ya). Another one of our useful phrases in Russian is: In what direction should I go to get to the city center?:

“V kakuyu storony mne idti k centru goroda?”

(V ka-ku-yu store-a-new mne E-ti k centru go-ro-da?). Some more useful phrases in Russian: Where is the supermarket/café/metro/taxi/museum?:

“Gde nahoditsya supermarket/kafe/metro/taksi/musei?”

(gdye na-ho-deet-sya sue-per-market/ka-fay/me-tro/tak-si/moo-zay). And our final addition to useful phrases in Russian is one we hope you won’t ever need to say thanks to our language course: I don’t speak Russian:

“Ya ne govoryu po-russki”

(ya nay ga-var-you pa-roo-ski). With these useful phrases in Russian, you should be able to get around town with no traffic not taken into account.