When is Russian Christmas

Most of the countries in the world celebrate Christmas on December 24. Russia celebrates it on a different day, so, one of the most frequent questions is: “When is Russian Christmas?” And why is this difference? Back in 1582, when most of the Western countries switched to the modern, Gregorian calendar, Russia, Greece and several other countries decided to stick with the Julian calendar.


Here is how you can calculate when is Russian Christmas—the difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars is thirteen days. So, count 13 days from December 25 and you’ll get the date of Russian Christmas—January 7.


Knowing when is Russian Christmas will help you congratulate your Russian friends or colleagues on the day when they actually celebrate it. Russian Christmas dates are also part of the almost ten days of the New Year holidays. Remembering when is Russian Christmas, might help you benefit from all the numerous shows, festivities, events and celebrations that are organized in Russia for this winter break.


Keeping in mind when is Russian Christmas, will save you time and possible trouble in your business matters in Russia. Russians often take advantage of such a long holiday period and go to warmer places. Many businesses are either closed or work part-time during the holidays. So, it’s better to postpone any business moves until January 11!